Encanto Characters – Age, Name, Powers, Voice Actors & More

Encanto Characters – Age, Name, Powers, Voice Actors & More

Encanto Characters’ Ages: Encanto is a creature musical dream parody film delivered by Walt Disney Liveliness Studios. On November 24, 2021, the film was delivered. Encanto additionally includes Disney’s most memorable scene wearing princess. Keep perusing to study Encanto Character Ages and to figure out how old Isabella is in Encanto.

Age of the Encanto Characters

Encanto, Disney’s latest film, is a studio set initially in South America, with the whole story occurring in a fantastical form of Colombia. Accordingly, it’s expected that the voice cast incorporates entertainers of Colombian legacy, like Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, and Diane Guerrero. Encanto is another animated film by Walt Disney Movement Studios that recounts the narrative of the Madrigals, a noteworthy family that live in the Colombian mountains in an astonishing house, a clamoring town, and a glorious, glamorous spot known as an Encanto.

Encanto Periods Of Characters

Characters Age

Abuela Alma 75 years old

Julieta 50 years old

Bruno 50 years old

Peppa 50 years old

Augustine 50 years old

Isabella 22 years old

Louisa 19 years old

Mirabel 15 years old

Felix 50 years old

Dolors 22 years old

Camila 15 years old

Antonio 5 years old

Encanto Cast – Voice Entertainers

Character Voice Entertainers

Stephanie Beatriz Mirabel Madrigal

Noemi Josefina Flores Young Mirabel

María Cecilia Botero Alma Madrigal

Olga Merediz Singing voice of Abuela Alma

John Leguizamo Bruno Madrigal

Mauro Castillo Félix Madrigal

Jessica Darrow Luisa Madrigal

Angie Cepeda Julieta Madrigal

Carolina Gaitán Pepa Madrigal

Diane Guerrero Isabela Madrigal

Wilmer Valderrama Agustín Madrigal

Rhenzy Feliz Camilo Madrigal

Ravi-Cabot Conyers Antonio Madrigal

Adassa Dolores Madrigal

Maluma Mariano Guzman

Rose Portilla Señora Guzmán

Juan Castano Osvaldo

Sarah-Nicole Robles Señora Ozma

Hector Elias Old Arturo

Alan Tudyk Pico

Jorge E. Ruiz Cano Tiple Maestro

Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz)

Mirabel is the primary individual from her astonishing family without a mysterious capacity. She’s determined to demonstrate that she has a place, denying everybody, even herself, that she’s forlorn… even at home. Indeed, even still, something stands out about Mirabel that her family hasn’t strictly sorted out yet! “Mirabel reviewed me of myself when she was her age — courageous yet reluctant, brimming with amazement and innovativeness, however sometimes kept down by self-question,” Beatriz expressed as of late.

Abuela Alma (Mara Cecilia Botero’s voice)

Alma is the Madrigal family’s female authority. Her determined positive thinking and dogged persistence drove her to the charmed Encanto, where she raised trios Julieta, Pepa, and Bruno. Every one of her kids got an extraordinary present at their fifth birthday celebration, causing her a deep sense of enjoyment. The example went on with all of their youngsters — except for Mirabel. Abuela (Spanish for “grandma”) prizes the presents given to every one of her relatives, guaranteeing that they are utilized to benefit and shield their local area and to respect Abuelo Pedro’s penance.

Agustn (voiced by Angie Cepeda) and Julieta (voice of Wilmer Valderrama)

Isabela, Luisa, and Mirabel are Julieta and Agustin’s three little girls. One of Alma’s trios, Julieta, was provided the capacity to recuperate. She doesn’t have an enchanted wand, yet she emanates warmth and love, and her magic is found in the food she affectionately makes for every individual who needs it. In the interim, having hitched into the mysterious family, Agustin understands a bit of a spot. He’s abnormal and inclined to mishaps, yet he generally means well, particularly about his kids.

Isabela (voice of Diane Guererro)

Isabela, Mirabel’s sister, is perfect, having a wealth of elegance and balance and a supernatural influence to cause plants to develop and blossoms to sprout.

Luisa (voice of Jessica Darrow)

Luisa, Mirabel’s other sister, was given the endowment of enormous strength for her persistent effort and assurance. She’s the person who handles all of the challenging work.

Pepa (voice of Carolina Gaitán) and Félix (voice of Mauro Castillo)

Mirabel’s capricious auntie and carefree uncle, Pepa, and Félix, are the guardians of Dolores, Camilo, and Antonio. One of Abuela Alma’s trios, Pepa, was provided the capacity to control the climate through her feelings. Pepa’s feelings are colossal and consistently changing. Accordingly, the forecast is frequently eccentric. Félix, then again, is a steadying power for his enthusiastic spouse — nice he’s and regularly the energy everyone needs.

Antonio (voice of Ravi Cabot-Conyers)

Antonio, the Madrigal faction’s most youthful part, is a reserved young fellow with a significant heart. He has a specific bond with Mirabel, whom he goes to for solace and boldness, particularly on critical days like when his cousin finds him frightfully hiding underneath his bed.

Camilo (voice of Rhenzy Feliz)

Camilo, the center offspring of Pepa and Félix, was destined to engage. Include his enchanted capacity to change his appearance to turn into anything he desires to be at some random time, and he’s surefire his situation at the center of attention.

Dolores (voice of Adassa)

Dolores is Mirabel’s cousin, and she is typically quick to find out about the town’s most profound insider facts, most grasping show, and most succulent revelations. She can’t help herself: she was brought into the world with excellent hearing. You can murmur all you need, yet Dolores will, in any case, hear you!

Bruno (voice of John Leguizamo)

As far back as Mirabel can recall, Bruno, the third of Alma’s trios, has been alienated from the Madrigal family. With the ability to see into the future, he made precise yet habitually skeptical predictions that created issues for Abuela and the remainder of the family… accordingly; he disappeared, turning into the uncle nobody recalls.

In Encanto, how old is Isabella?

Isabella shows up in the film Encanto as one of the principal heroes. Mirabel’s more seasoned sister, Isabella, is exquisite, shocking, and perfect. She radiates effortlessness and balance. She can develop plants and saplings as well as sprout blossoms. Diane Guerrero depicts Isabella in the film. “She’s an uncommon person,” Diane has expressed, as indicated by RadioTimes.com. I’ve been attempting, you know, to cherish her and acknowledge her for what her identity is. Furthermore, she’s a great deal like me in many regards since she gives off an impression of being the run-of-the-mill Disney princess… practically the ideal princess – essentially, that is how they treat her.

“Notwithstanding, you can see through the film that she isn’t by any stretch of the imagination like that, and there’s a great deal rising underneath the surface.” And she isn’t immaculate since flawlessness doesn’t exist. Be that as it may, I figure you can detect a ton of fury behind everything; she’s in many cases feigning exacerbation, which is one more side effect of somebody who is despondent, regardless of whether they have all the earmarks of being lovely. So I like that you get to watch her break liberated from that and sing this great tune with Mirabel and that you get to see her embrace her sister and feel for her. Also, that, you know, is the force of genuineness?”

Mirabel Age

Mirabel has all the earmarks of being the lone kid without a supernatural gift in her astonishing family. Mirabel is a 15-year-old frantic to demonstrate her value, guaranteeing that she is desolate even in her own home to everybody, even herself. Then again, Mirabel has something novel about her that her family still can’t find! “Mirabel helps me to remember myself when she was her age — valiant yet uncertain, loaded with amazement and scholarly interest at minutes however kept down by self-question,” Beatriz as of late expressed.

Encanto Characters’ Age – Often Sought clarification on some pressing issues.

1. What is Maribel’s age in Encanto?

Maribel is fifteen years of age. Encanto is a Colombian film set in a charming town that portrays the tale of the Madrigals, a powerful family.

2. Who is Encanto expected for?

Likewise, with many vivified Disney films, this infers that solo offspring of all ages can see the film.

3. Will there be a miscreant in Encanto?

Most fundamentally, there is no lowlife in this Disney film; all things being equal, the family and their house are undermined by an “obscure.”

4. Is Encanto’s Mirabel a princess?

Mirabel Madrigal is a princess, as the Encanto Being a fan indicates, yet it’s muddled.

5. For what reason doesn’t Mirabel have a unique capacity?

While the Madrigals can acknowledge their imperfections, Mirabel is never given any capacities. The film never explains why she was denied powers in any case. … “I accept it’s clear in the image that she is who she should be for a truly sensible explanation, as opposed to putting some otherworldly justification for why.”

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